What's up doc?


 Hop and jump for joy because the rabbit competition is returning on Good Friday.   Watch as they compete for “Best in Show” and even get a chance to pet the cuddly little bunnies.


In 2016 the Sydney City Rabbit Enthusiasts are back with a display of approximately 300 purebred rabbits competing in either, a Best In Show Competition (judged in the same fashion as a horse, cat or dog show) or, some very talented and entertaining rabbits will be competing in The Rabbit Hopping Championships, brought to you by The Rabbit Hopping Society Of Australia.


This is where trained rabbits jump over various obstacle courses!


Are you looking to find yourself a bunny this Easter?

Where: Under the White Permanent EQ Market Marquees 

When: Good Friday, 25th March 2016

Cost: FREE!   


Please see the Sydney City Rabbit Enthusiasts' website for further details. 



If competing in rabbit competitions is not your thing, there will also be a special petting area where children can pet some animals and take a photo with the little ‘Easter bunnies’ for a gold coin donation!


Come down and learn more about keeping rabbits as pets, and the wonderful world you can become part of if you choose to show, or compete with your wonderful pet!