Where is the Dodo Sydney Family Show at EQ? 


The Dodo Sydney Family Show is on The Showring in the centre of the Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park NSW 2021.


When is it on?


       24th March - 2nd April 2018


Where can I buy my wristband for unlimited rides? 


You can pre-purchase wristbands online on our Tickets Page or you can buy your wristband at the ticket/info box at each of our main entry points at the show.


Which option is right for me.....unlimited rider wristband or rider ticket? 


One of the best features of the Dodo Sydney Family Show is that the entry is free and you can pay as you go on the rides and sideshows at your pace and budget. The show offers either a 4hr Unlimited Rider Wristband or individual ride tickets. The best way to decide what is right for you and your family is ultimately your choice, many patrons that love to ride the rides over and over choose the wristband, those who wish to observe the activities and only ride a few rides usually choose the individual ride tickets.


What are the height and age limitations? 


Each ride has its own height restriction (with some age restriction), which is shown on each single ride description.  With children 4 and under, one adult can accompany the child free of charge on the following rides:

1. Dodgem Cars

2. Giant Slide

3. Carousel

4. Haunted House

5. Cup and Saucer

6. Mixed Toy Ride

The child will require either a wristband or coupons. For children under 4 years please pay attention to the section in the table below "Kiddie Rides that accommodate parents". 


Ride Name To Ride with *RMP To Ride Alone


Dodgem Car 1 (Per Car)                      > 75cm (no driving) >140cm

Dodgem Car 2 (Per Car)

> 75cm

(no driving)

Disco Show X >140cm
Giant Yo Yo X >120cm
Hurricane > 130cm >130cm
Super Sizzler > 130cm >130cm
Alibaba X >140cm

Kiddie Rides (that accommodate parents)

Some of these rides, adults can sit/stand on the platform

Haunted House All >105cm
Classic Carousel All >105cm
Cup and Saucer < 2 years >85cm
Giant Slide All >105cm
Mixed Toy Ride >85cm <150cm
Turbo Tubs >75cm >105cm
Storm Chairs >85cm <150cm
Rockin Tug <85cm >=85cm

Only Kiddie Rides (maximum rider height 150cm)

Flying Tiger >85cm < 150cm
Elephant Ride >85cm < 150cm
Play land >85cm < 150cm
Mini Pirate Ship >85cm < 150cm
Mini Ferris Wheel >85cm < 150cm
Circus Train >85cm < 150cm
Traffic Jam >85cm < 120cm
Marine World Inflatable >60cm < 150cm
Circus Jump Inflatable >60cm < 150cm
Toon World Inflatable >60cm < 150cm
Rider Responsibility: Riders of amusement & waterpark attractions are responsible for obeying rules and acting responsibly.  
*A Responsible Mature Person (RMP):  meets all requirements of ride and is able to ensure that the child remains properly seated and follows all the rules of the ride.
Line Jumping is cause for removal: Leaving line for any reason and attempting to return is considered line jumping.
Children Under 3 yrs: RMP may accompany children on selected (height restrictions) rides for free

Riders – Guests with Disabilities: Most attractions and facilities are accessible. Carers can go for free. Disabled ID is required.


The displayed ride height/age limit is a guideline, however, 

Ride Operator has the final say for restrictions on riders 


Will all rides be supervised? 


Yes, all rides will be supervised by at least one attendant.


Is there parking at EQ? 


All parking for Dodo Sydney Family Show patrons is in the multi-storey Car Park situated at the Entertainment Quarter, it is on the right hand side once you enter through the gates off Lang Road.


Can you pre-book car parking?


Unfortunately, you cannot pre-book parking at the Entertainment Quarter. We advise you to plan your trip and arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your rider session. 


How much is parking at the EQ?

       0-2 hours FREE

2-3 hours $8

3-4 hours $10

4-5 hours $14

5-6 hours $18

6+ hours $25

Daily Rate $25

Lost Ticket $25

Evening Flat Rate (after 6pm)

For updated parking information please visit EQ Parking Website


Do you have disabled parking and where is it located?


Yes, there are 48 disabled parking bays, located on the Ground level of the multi-storey Car Park.


How far from the Car Park is Dodo Sydney Family Show or how long will it take to walk the distance?


The Showring is approximately 200 metres from the Car Park and is only a short walk from there.