You're not going to believe all the fun things we have in store for the show this year!  Check out below for the exciting things you have to look forward to, PLUS there is more still to come!

THE smurfs - live show

Smurfette has realised that she is very different from all the other Smurfs, and has started to question what her purpose is…

Smurfette has decided to leave the Smurf Village and find her purpose. Papa Smurf, knowing that Smurfette is unhappy has decided to join her in her journey.

Together, they are searching for that special spark that makes a Smurf feel Smurferiffic.


Cost: Free

Where: Dodo Stage Show

Stage Shows: 12:30pm & 2:30pm

Meet and Greet: 11:30am & 1:30pm





dock dogs - demonstration performances

It’s high flying, big jumping, splash zone drenching Canine Aquatic action. DockDogs is an international sensation that makes its debut at the The Dodo Sydney Family Show. Get ready to be swept up into the excitement of dogs drag racing on water in the ‘Speed Retrieve’ performances, massive long jumps down the 100,000 litre pool in ‘Big Air’ and the intense knuckle-biter high jumps in ‘Extreme Vertical’.

DockDogs® Demonstration Performances (performance time approx. 25 minutes) Saturday March 24 to Friday March 30

10:30am  Big Air

12:30am  Speed Retrieve

1:30pm    Big Air

3:30pm    Extreme Vertical

DockDogs® Nationals Competition Saturday March 31, 2018

10:30am  Big Air Wave 1

12:30am  Big Air Wave 2

1:30pm    Big Air Wave 3

3:30pm    Extreme Vertical Trial

DockDogs® Nationals Competition Sunday April 1, 2018

10:30am Big Air Wave 4

12:30am Speed Retrieve Trial

1:30pm Big Air Wave 5

3:30pm Big Air Trial

DockDogs® Nationals Finals Competition Monday, April 2, 2018

10:30am Big Air Final Wave

12:30am Speed Retrieve Finals

1:30pm Big Air Finals

3:30pm Extreme Vertical Finals

4pm Presentation of Awards


Animal Nursery

Unlike other shows, at The Dodo Sydney Family Show you are right amongst all the animals. We have all the baby farmyard animals including piglets, ducks, chicks, fawn, puppies, kittens, goats, calves, lambs, and more!


Cost: $6 per person or 3 coupons

Time: 10am - 5pm

Location: The Showring

Stage presents free entertainment daily

The Stage is packed with performers and demonstrations throughout the show. Come and put your feet up and relax for a while and watch the great entertainment roll on!


Cost: Free

Time: Daily

Location: The Showring

circus in the big top

Circus Avalon will present their new show “Circus in the Big Top” featuring aerialists, jugglers and acrobats.


It’s an action filled 20 minute show.


Child friendly and adult exciting.


Cost: 3 coupons


Weekdays: Shows at 11am, 1pm & 3pm

Weekends and public holidays: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm

Where: Green & Yellow Big Top Tent


What's up doc? The 2018 Rabbit Competition


100+ cute, furry bunnies will be hopping on down to The Dodo Sydney Family Show for the annual Rabbit Hopping Championship!


Cost: Free

Time: 10am - Good Friday

Location: EQ Markets Marquee Area

wheeler bear live stage show


"Wheeler Bear Live" is a 25 minute Stage Show with a fun  "Rock and Roll"  theme. The cast includes our MC, WHEELER BEAR, Singers and 10 Dancers all in Rock and Roll costumes. The show is audience interactive involving the audience in games, dances and  a Special Olympics quiz. The highlight of the show being Wheelers interaction with the audience throughout the show with his "Fonzy" style "too cool"  attitude . 


Cost: Free

Time: 10:30 am  and 1:30pm - Monday 2nd April

Location: Dodo Stage

mad hatters tea party - live stage show

The Mad Hatters Easter Tea Party arrives for some madcap fun and games. The adorable Alice will host the Tea Party with a Wonderland guest list of celebrities guaranteed to make an action packed Tea Party


The Mad Hatters with his giant Tea Cup Hat game will judges the champion Hat Thrower whilst Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee have a few zany dance moves they will teach the audience. The White Rabbit will be visiting the Easter Tea Party and his  smaller helper bunnies have has promised to get him to the show on time which hopefully will  help cheer up the Queen of Hearts and her entourage of Marching Cards.


Cost: Free

Time: 11:30 am  and 2pm - Friday 30th March

Location: Dodo Stage

infinite dance co - live stage show

Leading professionals in the Australian dance entertainment industry, Infinite Dance offers a variety of quality acts that take their clients events to a new level.


Whether it be a high energy stage performance, wedding or birthday celebration, flash-mob or you’re just looking to add something unique and special to your next event, they have you covered.


With a truly diverse range of talented professionals within their team and different themed performances to suit each event, Infinite Dance is a one-stop shop for all dance related entertainment.


Cost: Free

Time: TBD

Location: Dodo Stage

Games and Sideshow

Try your luck on the Smash-A-Dolly or the old favourite, laughing clowns. There are loads to choose from, so work your way down side show alley and show your skills.

Scrumptious carnival foods

Every Australian loves a freshly battered Pluto Pup combined with steaming hot chips and a cold drink.

Get all your show treats such as fairy floss, lollipops and waffles.


Unlimited Rider Sessions:  



Get 4 hours of fun for one low price $35 or just $110 for a Family Pass.

That means you can ride the rides over and over again for four hours!!

Over 25 rides available.  


Great family rides such as dodgems, classic carousel and 4 new rides for this year: Top Gun, Hurricane, Traffic Jam, and Circus Train

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